naming your pet

Naming your pet: People talk endlessly about pets

Animals are your jam, and you often find yourself liking them a lot more than you like other humans

naming your pet

Pets bring joy to their families. Many a times they happen by chance, while there are people who meticulously plan a pet.

My family has had so many dogs, some by chance, some by adoption, some by birth, and we were unique in a way to have adopted a 10-day-old monkey too.

There are millions who can talk endlessly about their pets. The idea of this post is exactly the same, to encourage them to open up so that their extraordinary relations with pets become viral.

May that happen!


Meanwhile, you can continue the thread by discussing as to how your pet acquired the name in the domestic world. Had you not given him a name, he would have remained just-a-dog.

In our family, there are instances when a dog got his name with the release of a film – like we had Shahanshah when Amitabh Bachchan-starrer blockbuster with the same name was released. Must be it added that our Shahanshah was equally dreaded at night.

Then, we had Sonia, Romi, Silky, Rozi and Dolly. We adopted another one few years ago who was named Dodo.

“Animals are your jam, and you often find yourself liking them a lot more than you like other humans (which is totally OK),” says writer Caitlin Jill Anders whose favourite animals are a bushbaby and her pug Lucy.

And, according to the dog sitter site Rover, “Naming your dog is like naming your child: the process is unique to every family, and the result will stick around for years and years.”

So, will you still say, ‘What’s in a name” or do you believe naming a pet is sometimes difficult!

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